Saint Vincent's Guest House

established in 1994

St. Vincent’s was built in 1861 as an orphanage.  It was founded by the Daughter’s of Charity order of nuns, however much of the funding was provided by Margaret Haughery.  She was an extraordinary woman - an illiterate, Irish immigrant who, from nothing, built a thriving bakery business and became New Orleans’ foremost philanthropist.  She lost her own child and husband to yellow fever, which was endemic in New Orleans.   Mosquito born diseases killed thousands every summer until the early 1900’s when the link between mosquitos and disease became understood and public works were undertaken to reduce mosquito breeding grounds.  Orphanages were much needed in this environment and St. Vincent’s and St. Elizabeth’s on Napoleon Ave, harbored orphans and later unwed mothers and children until the 1970’s.  We still receive visits and letters from people who were raised there.  If you are one of those with memories of St. Vincent’s, please share them with us - we would love to hear from you.

Peter Schreiber and Sally Leonard rescued the near derelict building in 1994 and with much love and dedication, have remodelled it to become the unique guest house you enjoy today. 


1507 Magazine Street, LLC